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  1. Joining ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes like the multi-level marketing schemes, gambling, lottery. Not being patient enough to build wealth block by block.
  2. Ignorance of the biblical covenant on prosperity and blessing.
  3. Belief there is a Conspiracy to keep people poor; but no man can keep you down Tax or no tax we cannot be put down.
  4. Developing a food eater and not a seed sower mentality- no savings, no investments.  Depreciating investments Vs. appreciating investments.
  5. Believing a good job is the source of prosperity and not God and His ways of doing things.
  6. Irresponsible use of resources: famine and abundance are cycles that can be managed by the ‘Joseph Principle.’ During good times, save for the evil day may come.
  7. Withholding from blessing people. Be generous: be free from stinginess when it comes to giving. Give up and tap the anointing. Give down and it is debt to God. Practice biblical generosity. Become a tither and a generous giver.
  8. Lack of financial integrity: some people are not operating in the blessing because of financial iniquities both in the natural realm and the spiritual. Cheating on taxes and not tithing to God and failing to practice biblical generosity.
  9. Refusing to try again after failure. If there is a failure of crops, always sow the seed again. 
  10. Not saving smartly. Depreciating investments Vs. appreciating investments.

We must learn how to become better stewards of time, talent and treasure.

ACTION: TAKE THE TITHE CHALLENGE TODAY. Visit our website and follow the link.


1.    The principle was right from the garden. God planted a garden and had a tree that belonged to Him only and the rest was for Adam to enjoy. That was a type of a tithe that belongs only to God. Adam and his family used to give to God the first of their produce. This was a type of tithing. Cain killed Abel because of an offering. These men of God knew something about giving the first of the harvest to God. Even Noah after the flood gave to God. He knew how to offer to God generously.