1. Lord I thank you for it is your will to bless and prosper me financially.
2. I speak to every seed of my giving to yield a bountiful harvest that will bring me out of every financial misery.
3. I confess that my tithes and offerings have opened the floodgates of heaven and released an overflowing blessing to meet every need in my life.
4. I destroy the curse of poverty in my life and declare that all the work of my hands is blessed.
5. I declare that God has given me power to get wealth and the anointing of prosperity destroys every yoke of poverty in the name of Jesus Christ.
6. I declare that my God shall supply every need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Every need in my life now bows to the authority of this word.
7. I call promotion and prosperity in the name of Jesus Christ because my God delights in the prosperity of his servants.
8. I anoint myself with the fragrance that attracts the favor of God. Favor surrounds me like a shield in Jesus name.
9. I sanctify my money and rebuke the devourer of my blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.
10. I release the blessings that have been held back by the principalities working against my prosperity in the name of Jesus Christ.
11. I declare that I shall lend to many nations and borrow from none. You curse of debt; I reverse you and declare my debts are cancelled in the name of Jesus Christ.
12. Jesus you became a curse that the blessing of Abraham may come to me. I declare that I will be rich in wealth, health and in the things of the Spirit.
13. I command my herds, flocks, silver, and gold to multiply in the name of Jesus Christ.
14. I speak to all the resources assigned by God for me pursue and overtake me in the name of Jesus Christ.
15. I vow to give all the glory to God and to remain faithful with my tithes, offerings and vows as the Lord continues to bless me.
16. Because I hearken and diligently obey the voice of the Lord my God the following blessings shall pursue and overtake me as God will command them into my life: (according to Deut 8:1-14)
i)  I will be exalted above all nations of the earth.
ii)  I will be blessed in the city and in the country.
iii)  My family, my seed, my produce, and my flock shall be blessed.
iv)  My store house, my bank account and investments shall be blessed.
v)  I will be blessed coming in and going out.
vi)  The Lord shall cause my enemies who come against me to be smitten before me. They shall come in one way and flee in seven ways.
vii)  The Lord will bless all that I set my hand to do (my job, business, ministry, and all I set to do).
viii)  I will be established in holiness and will be a witness to the world that I am called by the name of the Lord.
ix)  I shall be plenteous in goods and abound in blessings.
x)  The Lord shall open to me his good treasure of the heavens to rain on me his blessings in season and to bless all my work. I will lend to many but borrow from none.
xi)  I will be the head only and not the tail.

In the name of Jesus, I call in my resources from the east, the west, the north, and the south. I command the earth to yield the fruit of my seed. I open the windows of heaven over my life to release the blessing because I am faithful in my tithes and offerings. Joblessness, poverty, lack, and debts have no part in my life. God delights in my prosperity and has a plan to give me a hope and a future. I declare victory (God will take you into higher heights in your covenant of blessings as you continue to do your part).