Father I thank you that above all things you want me to prosper and be in health even as my soul prospers. I thank you for you have promised to restore all my wasted years. I command restoration of my health and wealth up to ten generations. All the stolen goods, stolen years, stolen inheritance, stolen seasons of my life; I command them to return to me in Jesus name. Stolen jobs, houses, lands, vehicles, money, promotions, inheritance, stocks, investments and lost favor shall return to me a hundrend fold in Jesus name.

I command Psalms 103 on my body. My health returns to me speedily. My youth is renewed. Every tissue and organ of my body functions to perfection in the name of Jesus. I am the healed of The Lord. I am free from all diseases and all iniquities.

I receive Psalms 91 promises. Every plague is now terminated in the name of Jesus. I shall live long and strong until I am satisfied with life. Therefore, death, disease and all demonic assignments against my life and my family is now suspended by the power of the name of Jesus.

I thank you that you delight in my prosperity. This is my year to increase in silver, gold, cattle, land, houses, goods and finances. I bless anything I lay my hand to do. My business, career, ministry, family shall be blessed beyond measure.

I command restoration of my mind. Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, prudence and wealth generating capacity. May the Lord make me a thousand times more than I am and bless me indeed. May the Lord cause me to lend to many and not borrow. May the Lord make me debt free this year. I confess my home is paid off, my cars are paid off, my debts are paid off. I have more than enough. I support the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a generous giver. I give in abundance. I am blessed to be a blessing. The blessing of Abraham is mine.

Make me so wealthy, healthy and blessed that all my family, friends and foes will see it and know it is from you. Let it be the witness to them that I am a true believer in your word.

Let them know that the things I say and believe are of you. Manifest wealth health and abundance of restoration that will be a sign and a wonder to all that see it. And by so doing, let all turn to you in repentance. Make me like Abraham. Bless me to bless others.
 In Jesus name Amen.
(By Charles Karuku)