" Through your support in 2013, we were able to go to Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, St. Paul Crusade, mission to Wisconsin, Dayton MN Crusade, and now Australia. Help us to finish strong in 2013 with a generous tax deductible donation. "

It is summer here in Sydney and I am on the plane flying over the Pacific waters heading back to -20 degree weather. But, my heart burns with fire and a new anointing that makes me eager to see you. What a unique mission! The people were very hungry. The Lord moved so mightily from the get go. Even the meetings had to be extended.

My arrival in Australia coincided with the anticipated death of President Nelson Mandela. Such a monumental event will forever be engraved in my memory. When people ask me where I was when Nelson Mandela died, I will be able to say that I was in Sydney Australia. But on a happier note, this mission was like going to another level in the anointing.

"This is the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit." It is more than a land of Kangaroos and exotic creatures. This is a nation on a crossroad. The ill effects of westernization, liberalism and Americanization are very disturbing. The talk of legalizing gay marriage is high in the air. But there is a real move of God slowly building up in this vast and virgin land. Australia belongs to Jesus!

This also was my first time to travel to this nation of 20 million people with a remarkable history and destiny in God. Their worship anointing is unrivaled (I visited Hillsong Church and O My God...the worship atmosphere is thick and palpable).

The theme of the meeting was "Divine Visitation." God truly gave us an awesome visitation. We saw people healed and delivered night after night. The meetings lasted for a week and a half. Many people came to me to say that this was the best conference they have had in the recent past. Great grace for teaching was poured in a mighty way. The level of accuracy and precision in the prophetic and words of knowledge, brought great demonstrations of the miraculous. Many testimonies were shared of great healing and deliverance experienced through the meetings. We heard of people healed of long term infirmities and heavy burdens lifted.

I could feel your prayers under-guarding these meetings. I could feel your support through the impact of our friendship and partnership. Those who send and those who are sent are rewarded the same. You are a partaker in the blessing of this mission.

I have to also give a very special appreciation to our leaders and staff for great work in stewarding the ministry here at IOC. Your effective and wise leadership steered the church well under very harsh winter weather. You cared for each other and made the right calls. Thank you!

Thanks partners for your faithfulness. As we go into Christmas, let us remember that the spreading of the gospel is the best way to honor Jesus. He is the reason for the season. I am more committed to this gospel than ever. I count on your continued support. Thanks a lot from the "Great South Land of the Holy Spirit" and Merry Christmas.

Everlastingly at it,

Pastor Charles Karuku