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1. Lord I thank you for it is your will to bless and prosper me financially.
2. I speak to every seed of my giving to yield a bountiful harvest that will bring me out of every financial misery.
3. I confess that my tithes and offerings have opened the floodgates of heaven and released an overflowing blessing to meet every need in my life.
4. I destroy the curse of poverty in my life and declare that all the work of my hands is blessed.
5. I declare that God has given me power to get wealth and the anointing of prosperity destroys every yoke of poverty in the name of Jesus Christ.
6. I declare that my God shall supply every need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Every need in my life now bows to the authority of this word.


Father, I thank you that above all things you want me to prosper and be in health. I thank you for you have promised to restore all my wasted years. I command restoration of my wealth up to ten generations. All the stolen goods, I command them to return to me and my inheritance in Jesus name. Stolen jobs, houses, lands, vehicles, money, promotions, inheritance, stocks, investments, and lost favor shall return to me a hundred fold in Jesus name.