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The world is full of uncertainties. The political turmoil, wars, rumors of wars. Our lives are constantly under the impulses of the ups and downs. Unless we are truly anchored in the Lord, our hearts can begin to waver in the midst of the fear of what if.....In the midst of all these issues, we need to have a strong anchor where our hearts are stable and steadfast. Jesus calls us to let our hearts not be troubled.

Fear is a misplaced faith. It is when we build our lives on sinking sand and not on a solid rock. Fear does the same thing as faith would doand is a sign of shadows of death. It is like looking at the dashboard of a vehicle. It is a sign that your faith is low, anxiety high and patience low. That is the time to begin to build your faith and starve your doubts to death.

Fear does not add even a small piece of hair on your head. Jesus asked the question: Why worry?? God did not give us a spirit of fear. Fear is of the devil. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. It is just a lie. Satan uses fear to intimidate.